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Farsfoam Industrial Group with nearly 25 years of foam production experience in 2 factories in Shiraz city and Abadeh city; It is one of the oldest and largest foam production factories in the center and south of Iran.

Fars Foam production group in the year …… by building the ideal Pars Foam factory on a plot of land with an area of ​​……. square meters in the industrial town of Abadeh city, using the production lines made in South Korea and with the aim of producing various types of polyethylene foam, it began to operate, and in order to expand the level of its activities, it opened a new factory named Kimia Plimer Pars in a plot of land. with area of ​​……. square meters in the special economic zone of Shiraz.

The products produced by this company are distributed and used by applicants in all parts of the country using the domestic transport fleet. Also, every year, a large volume of products of this company are exported to the western neighbors of the country and the Persian Gulf countries.

The products of this factory are produced with the best quality by using skilled production personnel and technical experts, using the world’s latest technology in the field of polyethylene foam, so as to achieve the complete satisfaction of the customers of this company.

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Using the power of domestic experts, this company is currently able to manufacture all kinds of devices and equipment for the production line and related electrical panels for the production of polyethylene foam, and for this reason, it is one of the pioneers in the field of production and shaping of polyethylene foam in accordance with It is the need and demand of customers.

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